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While ALL herp keepers should know that there is no caresheet that is set in stone, it is important to know the facts, research and ask questions no matter how irrelevant you think they might sound. The best approach is to gather information and do what works best for you and your reptile in the healthiest and safest way possible.

        Compiled Information for Bearded Dragons

Best insects for Bearded Dragons and Why? This is a forum post and a great one at that. Highly recommend this one for reading!

Health Benefits from Silkworms. A forum post which was easier than adding research compilations on the silkworm and Serrapeptase. 

Nutrition Content Database for Bearded Dragons  Very detailed and informative! A must read for any bearded dragon owner or prospective owner.

Egg Laying in the Australian Bearded Dragon  A very informative website with links to other websites as well.

A bit of information on Genetics  

Caring for an
Australian Bearded Dragon

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